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Founded on the concept of private digital club members working in the luxury industries, LuxuryDistrict offers advertising on demand and social media management in North America, focusing on segments of lifestyle, travel, real estate, aviation, yachts, cars and fashion.

To be eligible to become a Luxury District member you must be a professional serving directly and exclusively a leading brand in the top global luxury business.

If you would like information on how to become an member of LuxuryDistrict, please send email to: Valter Gonzaga, Founder & CEO:

Membership benefits:

  • Access to site features and news feeds. Post daily in the luxury district to advertise products and services in their local market.
  • Participate in the co-creation of marketing campaigns and Post exclusively as LuxuryDistrict blog member in your local market.
  • 10% discount to publish campaigns to launch new products or services in the sponsored pages: destinations, property, aviation, yachts, cars, fashion, lifestyle.
  • 20% discount on posting sponsored highlighted
  • Lifetime maintenance of your ad campaigns at
  • Networking and participation in local events VIP Luxury District.
  • A landing page for the location

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