Social Media Advertising

We are happy to talk about the needs of Social Media Advertising that your business demands! To make this process easier, we have 3 packages for the tasks we are hired to perform. If you do not see a package that meets your needs, don't worry! We'll love discussing other options as well.

Email us today to our CEO to order one of the packages below, to request a quote for a customized package or to inquire about our availability for a full-time or long-term project.

Package #1: Post Sponsored Daily

  • Campaign to news feed, live events or scheduled posts, located on the main page.
  • Interview or broadcast live event, whether on the beach, at home or at a coffee shop.
  • Advertising on Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Snapchat ads.

Package #2: Article Featured Weekly

  • Campaign with weekly validity with fixed banner located before the footer of the site.
  • Promotion or coverage of events, be it the launch of an airplane or yacht, the customer chooses.
  • Advertising on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads. 

Package #3: Page Sponsored Monthly

  • Campaign with monthly validity with own page located in the main menu of the site.
  • Local or international travel to cover or promote an event at a jewelry store or car show.
  • Advertising on Google ads, Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads.

#Common Value Of Benefits

  • Access to resources of the site, news feeds.
  • Post daily in our social media to your local market.
  • Co-creation of marketing campaigns.
  • Posting as blog member to your local market.
  • Lifetime maintenance of all advertising campaigns.
  • Networking and participation in our local VIP events.
  • A profile page within the

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