Luxury District provides Social Media Advertising on-demand for brands to share experiences on lifestyle, travel, property, yachts, aviation, cars and fashion.

We are a private club for members working in the luxury industries, joined the mission to inspire good values to new generations through the history and identity of the brands.


Luxury District is an exceptional marketing program built around a comprehensive survey focused on buying trends of luxury consumers and demographic changes.

Through research and analysis, we are committed to deliver the brand to target markets giving you or your company a positive exposure of the identity and history.

Our research shows:

  • Traditional media follows the same pattern idiot interviews about rich people and companies, with only a negative interest, ostentation and inversion of values.
  • Consumers want to be involved and prefer to find properties for attributes that work with your lifestyle.
  • Luxury is defined by the lifestyle and recreation options that offers a location and the way fulfills those dreams.
  • The demographic luxury is changing - Generation Y (18-29) is the luxury consumer fastest growing segment.
  • The US will again be the biggest growth market for luxury goods (in absolute terms), followed by Japan, South Korea, France and UK.

A brand in Luxury District is centered on a simple website without distracting advertising, helping readers keep the focus only on presentation of your product or service.

Your brand will be presented with an intuitive design, photos and video format for mobile responsive, with the main feature highlighted that make an engaging experience for buyers through easy navigation and valuable information.

We are building our presence in the main social media, using precision tools to reach the right audience, but mostly with a rigorous, analytical look at not accept fake profiles in order to better organize the physical presence of events.



Federal District, Brasilia, Brazil.
Phone: +55 61 991700952
Phone: +55 61 992018134
Valter Gonzaga, CEO & Founder

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